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Over 16 years of utter stupidity! Featuring the weirdest finds from around the Internet! WTF audio, weird news stories, and NSFW comedy. A Podcast for freaks

The Distorted View Show is a daily comedy podcast hosted by Tim Henson. Every weekday he scours the darkest corners of the web in search of the truly bizarre. He then presents his finds to you, complete with his own unique (read: crass, vulgar, childish, and inappropriate) commentary. For a half hour each day, sit back and witness this audiophonic trainwreck. After listening, you’ll feel much better about your own life.


Distorted View Daily won “Best Comedy Podcast” during the first annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards in 2005. DV made history again by winning the award for the second straight year in 2006. In 2008, DV was won another Podcast Award in the “Mature” category. It was also nominated for awards in 2007, 2013, and 2016.  U.K.’s premiere music magazine, “Q Magazine”, named Distorted View one of the ten best comedy podcasts in its June 2006 issue.  It remains one of the top comedy podcasts on Podcast Alley and routinely is placed in the overall top 10. It’s also frequently a featured comedy podcast in iTunes. For more information regarding press and awards, click here.

Reaching tens of thousand listeners each day, Distorted View is one of the most popular adult comedy podcasts and continues to grow, adding new “freaks” everyday.

For more about Distorted View, check out the FAQ. In November 2006, The DV Sideshow was launched as a subscription-based service. For a monthly fee, listeners of Distorted View can obtain extra content: extended shows, exclusive shows, videocasts, and access to the complete archive of past shows (2000 and growing).

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Mr. Peanut Is A Clitoris!

On Today’s Show: Introduction 0:00.000 Youtube Banned Me / New Youtube Channel! 3:24.385 Mr. Peanut Is Clit! 14:26.206 Alexyss K. Tylor Breaks Down The Oscars 19:44.088 Sign Up For The Sideshow Today! 27:58.578 Strap On Surprise! 29:16.

Juror Was On Sugar Daddy Duty

On Today’s Show: Introduction 0:00.000 My Longstanding Beef With The YogsCast 1:41.377 Lil Lunchbox Update 4:43.426 Lil Lunchbox Is Now a DID Faker On TikTok 10:20.839 Jesse Lee Peterson View’s On Russia 12:16.951 Livestream Gets Killed,

The Disgusting Aftermath Of A Furry Convention

On Today’s Show: Introduction 0:00.000 The Sexy, Vulgar Music Of Young Real N 2:11.007 Truffle Butter – The Song 5:57.964 Nicholas Cage Still Loves Shortbread 8:44.544 News Blooper 9:49.670 The Disgusting Aftermath Of A Furry Convention 11:00.

The Reusable Toilet Paper Revolution

  On Today’s Show: Introduction 0:00.301 Nocturnal Transmission Recap 3:17.112 The Reusable Toilet Paper Revolution 6:57.488 Annoyed With A Stab Wound Victim  13:16.450 Billionaire Says Don’t Bother With Bitfuck 17:05.

A Fine Collection Of Fetuses

  On Today’s Show: Introduction 0:00.000 Introducing Distorted View Daily NFT’s 2:58.892 Handicapped Asshole Norm Wicks Is Back! 9:33.238 The People’s Pedo Convoy Is A Go! 16:13.107 Men: Wipe Your Ass And Flush The Toilet 20:23.

An Erotic Movie Adaptation Of The Blowfly Girl

Introduction 0:00.000 The Weird, Wild World Of Bit Chute 1:27.365 Trolling An Elderly Pervert 3:00.167 Alex Jones Be Keeping It Crazy 7:06.431 A Cuckolding Scene Gets Very Loud 12:55.358 An Erotic Movie Adaptation Of The Blowfly Girl 16:20.

Who Ordered The House Salad With Semen Dressing?

On Today’s Show: Introduction 0:00.000 Introducing DV’s Nocturnal Transmission  1:37.329 The Fat Studies Fat Activist Has Died 7:26.673 p0wn3d By A Youtube Title 10:12.952 Gay Vs. Rainbow Baiter! 11:49.530 Homeless Man Baby Wants Someone to Buy Him Cha…

Big Pizza Pushing Their Pro Pepperoni Agenda

On Today’s Show: Introduction 0:00.307 Big Pizza Pushing Their Pro Pepperoni Agenda 4:34.515 Local Newsbreaks 6:25.680 A Local Funeral Home Has Some Silly Ads 7:46.500 Three Beat Slide Has An Active Forum On Their Site 12:45.

Period Barbie Is On The Rag – BEST OF

On Today’s Show: New show coming later today.  206-666-4463 (206-66-OH GOD)  Have Your Voicemail Played On The Show E-mail: show@distortedview.com – Say hi, suggest news stories, videos, audio, etc. Discord: The DV discord server!