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Introduction 0:00.000
I’m A Soda / Beverage High Today: The Return Of A 2000’s Favorite! 1:35.617
Murder Suspect Defends Himself In  Court 9:18.000
Clit Stimulating Yourself Into a Vegetative State 15:00.857
Blowing Chunks While Blowing The D 15:52.895
One In The Stink And One In The Stink 16:20.000
Cupcakke-ifying More Songs 18:00.521
Shaq’s Gas Hack / Math Trouble 19:33.955
When Jail Time Conflicts With The Ke$ha Concert  22:55.776
Sign Up For The DV Sideshow Today! 26:35.382
Teacher Bites Students Over a Pickle Jar 28:02.062
The Tale Of The Porch Table Pooper 31:38.357
Evil Has Escaped The Cursed Rock Of Doom 34:05.666
Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending 37:47.452

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