Fat Lover Environmentalist ISO Female Wheezing Potato Sack

On Today’s Show:

Name Start
Introduction 0:00.000
That Presidential Debate Was BAH.NAY.NAYS 2:34.000
We Should Reopen Schools Because Of Cats 10:08.000
Posts From The BBW Mesage Board 11:18.000
Meade Skelton Vs. College Biology Professor 17:04.000
DV is Here Because Of You! Support The Show: http://www.superfreaksideshow.com 23:21.590
Subway Can’t Legally Call Their Bread “Bread” 24:48.000
Making An Ice Cream Run For  Your Drunk Daddy 31:10.000
Starving Your Child Stupid 34:28.750
Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending 40:38.000

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