About The Scrod Media Group

2021: A Podcast Scrodyessy

Tim Henson has been producing content on the web since 1996. In 2000, his live Internet radio show was broadcast on the Real-Talk Network where he also served as producer for some of the stations other original programs. In 2003 Tim produced a morning drive-time radio show for Sirius Satellite Radio. The following year, Distorted View Daily (the podcast) was born.

Thanks to his listeners, Tim has made Distorted View a fulltime job. In November 2006 he launched the DV Sideshow and is able to support himself off of the subscription fees. Distorted View Daily won “Best Comedy Podcast” during the first annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards in 2005. DV made history again by winning the award for the second straight year in 2006. In 2008, DV was won another Podcast Award in the “Mature” category. It was also nominated for awards in 2007, 2013, and 2016.  U.K.’s premiere music magazine, “Q Magazine”, named Distorted View one of the ten best comedy podcasts in its June 2006 issue.  It is frequently a featured comedy podcast in Apple Podcasts. For more information regarding press and awards, click here.

The Scrod Media Group was created to continue this utter domination of the medium and provide guidance and support to others who would like to rock the scrod mic.

Are you Ready To Buddy Up With Scrod Media?

Advertisers: Get your message out to tens of thousands of some of the most loyal podcast fans. Creative advertising reads and promotions will send sales through the scrodosphere.

Podcasters: Have you tasted success but want more of that sweet, sweet honey? Cross promotion, guidance, and the powerful resources of SCROD may be just what you need. Currently seeking other fun/adult/strange podcasts that will fit in well with the Scrod stable of shows. Please  contact us only if you experienced, talented, dedicated, and lightly breaded.

Who We Are

We make podcasts and have a blast doing it. Personality driven shows are our legal-sized bread and butter. The things that come out of our mouthes could be considered crude, vulgar, and offensive, but our listeners know, “it’s just a fun thing”. Stupid comedy for people smart enough to know what a joke is. Podcasts for a mature audience that can leave their morals at the door and laugh at the stuff they aren’t supposed to laugh at.

We are the all mighty podcasts of Scrod Media.

Featured Shows

I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing, 
pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a account of the system.